A FaceBook fan page can be an excellent way to attract awareness to your brand or site and can be a great communication tool with your readers/customers. “Likes” on FaceBook have also become a ranking factor in search engine algorithms and having a fan page can help you get more likes to your site content.

It takes only minutes to create a FaceBook fan page but in order to be effective, it needs to to be personalized for it’s intended audience, engaging and well promoted. Here are some good guides on creating your fan page and tips on making it effective. And for inspiration, some galleries which showcase some of the best designed fan pages on FaceBook. I’ve also thrown in links to some free templates to get you started.

Fan Page Creation Guides

Fan Page Galleries

Templates and Resources

FlashMint.com has a good collection of fan page templates for sale.

If you’d rather build your fan page the easy way, check out Epicenter. You can create your own design or use their included templates and their service lets your fan page run contests, polls, show your Twitter feed, collect emails for your mailing list and more. You get a 14 day free trial and monthly service fees start at $14.99.

Looking for a free template to tweak? Try this one from IceTemplates.com:

Free FaceBook Template